Bold, bold, to step in front of the metal community with such a name. Although in fact it only means "scream" in English. Probably to distinguish themselves from other bands and as a tribute to German Heavy Metal, the four Parisians chose this uncommon name. The German influence is highly recognizable, because after the sublime-traditional opener "Le Jugement de Dieu", the highscreaming "Ordalie" thunders through the landscape in best Running Wild style. The same counts as well for "Kamikaze".
The following "In Rock" is not a Deep Purple tribute but surely one to very old Manowar. Likewise "The Iron Fist in a Metal Glove". Alexis, because of his unpolishedness, is surely a metal-compatible singer but I am asking myself how such a song would work with the voice of Eric Adams. The influence of ADX, Killers or Sortilege is not that obvious but already latently at hand due to the French language.
Through all the bands named here, you can already see where the journey heads for: the decade in which 90% of all metal classics were written. Of course this is a keyboard-free zone, shaggy Father Christmas is not allowed to utter his Ho-ho-ho, and the cut-off head on the cover probably belongs to the leader of the Edgay fanclub. If you expect refined arrangements or neat lyrics, you better pick the new Heinz Rudolf Kunze album. No, here, a dirty pig is screaming at you, the guitars shred your eardrums into carpaccio, bass and drums slap out of the speakers like tight tits.
Noisy, dirty and crude, the headbanger's universe is still intact here. Buy it.