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From the ashes of their first band together, François Porte (guitar) and Alexis the Warnabot (vocals) go on to form Hürlement in 2003 to spread the French Heavy Metal word. They are soon joined by François’ brother Pierre on drums, le Gorg (of cult Purulent Excretor fame) on bass and Richard Soulet on guitar. In 2005, Richard leaves and the band decides to stick to a four-man line-up.

Hürlement play old-school, up-tempo Heavy Metal, both aggressive and melodic. Their style is built on influences like Manowar, Running Wild and Judas Priest, but they are also great fans of the 80’s French Heavy Metal scene and hell-bent on carrying the legacy of cult bands like Sortilège, ADX, Killers, Blasphème, H-Bomb… To reflect this mix of influences, they write some of their songs in English, others in French.

In the writing process, François and Alexis come up with full songs that are then arranged collectively. In 2007, after trying their hand at a demo that will never be completed, Hürlement decide to focus on recording their first self-produced album. De sang et d’acier (in blood and steel) is selfrecorded the following year, then mixed and mastered at Walnut Groove studio. Early 2009, it is released on LP by Germany’s underground label Metal Coven and on CD by France’s Emanes Metal Records.

Hürlement hit the stage in 2007. In 2009, they have the honor of playing the Paris Metal France Festival III along with ADX, Attentat Rock, Nightmare, Shakin’ Street…
In the wake of their debut album’s release, they play gigs in France and abroad (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Greece), and share stages with esteemed old-schoolers: Angel Witch, Manilla Road, Savage Grace, Tokyo Blade, Tygers of Pan Tang, Cloven Hoof, Ostrogoth, Sacred Steel, Dew Scented, Blasphème, Killers, Vulcain, (Still) Square, Mystery Blue, Lonewolf, … including appearances at cult European festivals like the Swordbrothers (Germany), Metal Magic (Denmark) and Up The Hammers (Greece).

Hürlement just wrapped up their second self-produced effort, Terreur et tourment (terror and torment). The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Axel Wursthorn at the Walnut Groove studio, and boasts striking cover art by JP Fournier. It will be released on LP and CD in February, 2013, by Emanes Metal Records.

The band will be back in Athens at the Up The Hammers Festival in March, 2013. Other concerts and festivals are currently being confirmed in France and abroad.